Thursday, February 26, 2009

Magical Mysteries of Mardi Gras on the Gulf

Pensacola's Mardi Gras festivities and traditions capture myths and archetypes kept alive through four centures on the Gulf of Mexico's Shores. The Cajuns say for this period each year 'laisser les bon temps roulee' - Mardi Gras Kings and Voodoo Queens, suped out harleys, Dolphin floats, mystic societies and magic hatters,

Traces of Greek and Roman Gods and Mississippi Delta bluesmen, vestal virgins with white winged horses. Is the pirate and conquistador legacy still very alive on the Gulf Coast? Gladiators, mystic symbols and conquering armies. Magic beads, gypsies, jazz musicians - fertility rituals anticipating Spring's approach on the Gulf of Mexico.

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