Thursday, May 01, 2008

My Red Table

I like to eat, color and climb on top of my red table!

I wore my sunglasses and took daddy's newspapers to daycare to show pictures of the lions and horses.

I run quickly on the Scenic Hills golf green so mama can't keep up when I pull the golf flags on the holes when the sun sets and the golfers have gone!

I ate three helpings of Chinese Food with all my family

Hats, Printers, Bowls and Saxaphones!

I have all kinds of hats I wear when it is sunny.

I am smily both morning and night and like to play with my daddy's printer.

I like to help my mother cook and take out all her pans from the pantry!

I am blowing my horn - it has been a long time since mommy and daddy added pictures here. I'm doing great and love music, dancing to daddy's internet streaming stations, and the neighbors’ dogs, Chloe and Abby. I loves the puppies so much that I call them in my sleep: "Chloooeeee, Abbbeee!". I'm a true nature girl and love animals and plants and picking blackberries. I enjoy it when we go to plant nurseries and love the moon at night and am always ready to pick the most beautiful flowery plants or have them picked for me when I'm taken for walks in my stroller. I always want to help to take the groceries in the house and the garbage out at night to see the stars. I love to blow bubbles and play magician. I will show you something, hide it, then look at my little hands and say,


We really enjoy you Maya, and hope that you keep doing your magic and looking every night for the moon and stars!