Thursday, November 20, 2008

Maya's New Brother Evan Alexander

My New Brother Evan Alexander Uzwyshyn was born at 1:00 am on November 13 2008 at West Florida Primary care. I stayed with our neighbor Kirsten when daddy drove mommy to the hospital at my bedtime.

I came to visit Evan Alexander with my dad three times. He had to watch me at home while mommy was away and we had a lot of fun together watching PBS kids, Sid the Scientist and Curious George the monkey.

Here's my new little brother Evan in his special cart. I call him "Eeee"van in the morning and I am always happy to see him after daycare!

The nurses in the hospital in Pensacola were very nice. I got to play all over mommy's bed and opened all of the contraptions and called the nurses on the speaker button and pressed all the monitor buttons until their supervisor came and asked what was needed!

I was very happy when mommy came home with my new brother Evan Alexander! Now she gives both of us hugs and kisses and I'm the big sister!