Friday, December 05, 2008

Maya, Evan and the Family Visitors

In the last few weeks our family has had a lot of visitors to see baby Evan Alexander. Abuelita Elizabeth and Abuelito Emilo and Tia Nydia and Kirsten and Jean and Ron and all of our neighbors. Currently, Evan goes through a lot of diapers and is a very patient baby. He's not fussy as to who changes him but takes all the baby business in stride.

Maya has enjoyed herself immensely with all the visitors and action and loves her brother Evan. Here she models her Tia Nydia's sunglasses and yellow duck t-shirt on the hallway runway.

Evan Alexander looks on to everyone with cool detachment and regard. He is a very reflective, serious and contemplative baby - except when he's hungry or needs to be changed! Otherwise, very serious like his grandfathers! One of his cousins, Andrea, said his name sounds "strong, determined and regal" and its true!

Evan Alexander Abuelita Elizabeth came all the way from Miami to visit him. Maya was pronouncing Abuelita and Abuelito perfectly and went out for coffee and shopping with her abuelos. She also loves her new rapper cool winter jacket and Dora the Explorer shoes that her Abuelos bought for her.

As you can see Maya Sophia was mischievous as usual with everyone, especially her Tia Nydia. She had a grand old time with everyone and even tried to sleep with Tia Nydia. Nydia had her hands full with both babies!!!

Evan Alexander is very much learning about his mischievous big sister and surprisingly can sleep through anything - including Maya Sophia having a great old time. Pleasant Dreams Evan Alexander!

Maya loves to color with her crayons and my coloring books!