Friday, July 11, 2008

Pre-Birthday Splash

I love to walk on the beach now and have found a new interest in birds, waves and sandcastles.

Summer Days Run By Like Wild Horses on the Beach!

The Cupcakes at Daycare!!

I celebrated my 2nd Birthday with Cupcakes for everyone!

Well, as you can see its not easy being two and a princess!

Here are the cupcakes that we bought for all my friends at daycare!

I'm all smiles for my b'day at daycare!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Maya's New Baby Brother!

Maya now has an important new role. She is almost two and besides being the official Pensacola Princess, she is soon to be a big sister. Here is the first film clip of her upcoming baby brother to be in action, in utero. He is kicking his little legs, while he moves his toes to get more comfortable: or maybe its the influence of the Brooklyn Meringue and Salsa schoolchildren dance documentary we were all watching together last night! We are all sure that Maya will be a great big sister. She already loves dancing and singing and the two of them may even dance and sing and surely play together one day soon... She will surely show him the ways as a big sister should!!!