Friday, January 30, 2009

Pan, the Gulf, the Moon and Melissa

The magic moon of the Gulf's barrier islands with Melissa, Maya Sophia and Ray exploring the Emerald coast at dusk with mythic image allusians to previous Pagan elements:

Maenads, a Spanish conquistador's map, the Dionysian Greek God Pan, a red harvest moon, gulf tidal waves, butterfly satyr, historical Spanish Pensacola engraving, ancient Greek mosaic, dreaming baby, Maya with dress blown by Hesperus, gulf coast moons.

Evan and Maya Take the Stage - Envelope, Please!

For the past two and a half years, Maya has been our Pensacola Nouvelle Vague Princess. Posing, singing dancing, laughing, crying, melting down and up and just being well - Maya in all her sparkling glory! Well, make room Maya! Act two now begins with the newest Uzwyshyn addition, and entrance of the strong silent up-and-coming star, Evan Alexander, now featured in his first blog role, the return of the king!

Differences in personality are clearly evident even from three months!

Evan in his Rocky Balboa two boxing mittens with matching pacifier pose. Does Maya's glance foreshadow a realization of impending displacement?

Evan shot with ocean blue eyes, matching pjs and socks against his bedroom pillows !

I wish to thank the producer and from the bottom of my heart, mama for bringing those first, second and third bottles of milk! Thank you and thank you again, mama - I really couldn't have done it without you!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dreams Let the Magic Gulf Coast Ride

Well, the last five years of our lives have been a real adventure - to say the least!!! At first, I thought I'd pull together our picture highlights and make some kind of sense here but after a few attempts I'm simply letting the magic ride with a Gulf Coast Stones cover and a few places we'd like to visit next.

The cast and usual suspects here so far:

Ray, Maya, Evan, Melissa, Pensacola Beach, New York, Miami, Melissa's Sexy Kimono Dress, Technology Conference Travel, Innovation, Plaza De Luna, Adventures with the Grandparents, Mayan Riviera explorations, Tulum, New York, The Met, Libraries, Art Galleries, Pensacola beach Architecture, Maya on the Sand, St. Augustine, Haitian Veves, Disneyworld at Night, Fishing with the Thrownet, Art Attempts, Miami/ Honduras Latin American Connections, A beach and pier with sleeping baby, sexy wives, proud grandmothers!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Maya Chronicles – The Guantanamera Years (Redux)

Yo soy un hombre sincero,
de donde crecen las palmas,
y antes de morirme quiero
Echar mis versos del alma,
Guantanamera, Guajira Guantanamera
Maya, Guajira Guantanamera

The people have spoken - so there's now a full version of the previous 30 second trailers for “The Maya Chronicles – The Guantanamera Years”!

Three years on the Gulf - the Canadians, the Latinos, Miami Honduran connections, the Ukrainos, the new Americans - Maya and Evan - and a lingering Cuban melody played for the benefit of my old Miami compadres!

Yes, the waters are also blue here. I still haven't mastered how to fish with the thrownet yet – letting Melissa watches the babies onshore. I keep bringing home those books to read - Hemingway now for Melissa – the Old man and the Sea - now it’s the Maya and I on Emerald Coasts.

Guantanamera, Maya!

The Candy Man

Gulf Coast Delta Blues with Pensacola's very own Blind Willie Johnson on harmonica with the Seville Square Blues Explosion – As May West would say, “I just couldn’t help it!

Historically, the Deep South Mississipi Delta guitar picking Gulf Coast Blues originate around here with Maya, Rimbaud, Richard Feynmann, and my latin American honey Melissa and her aunty Miraat Fort Walton Beach thrown in for good measure.

Shout out to the fire engine Red Flyer 4 wheeler and Melissa for being a good sport and putting on the Golden Little Bo Peep Outfit for our New Orleans Mississippi Delta Riverboat Queen Foray.

Gulf of Mexico Dreaming

Friday, I'm in Love - Mayan Reggae Gulf of Mexico Version

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Coming Soon To Theatres Near You

Trailer #1: The Maya Chronicles: The Gulf of Mexico Years: Part I

Trailer #2: The Maya Chronicles - Remix with Daddy and Bumblebee Costume

Special thanks goes out to to Maya Sophia Uzwyshyn and Tijuana Flats for his Guantanamera Cover!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day of the Condor

For the new year, we took Maya and baby Evan to the zoo to visit with the zoo animals. Among the many animals was an Andean Condor of whom we got a picture next to Melissa (below). That bird has been on my mind lately.

Melissa later recalled a Peruvian Inca song, “el Condor Pasa” whose melody is well known in English. We found several examples of this haunting melody with images and video of this stoic, majestic and somewhat mysterious bird.

Andean condors are one of the largest flying birds. Adults can weigh over 30 pounds, stand over four feet tall and possess wingspans of up to 12 feet. The Andean Condor is a national symbol of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru and plays an important role in the folklores and mythologies of many of South and Central American indigenous cultures.

The condor is also a vulture and member of the raptor family. It is speculated by crypto-zoologists as the mythological “Thunderbird”. The vulture family feeds exclusively on carrion and performs the function in nature of monitoring and disposing of potential sources of disease.

Various Indian cultures saw the vulture as a purification sign. The Greeks considered this bird symbolic of transformation. As old decayed flesh is removed, new life emerges. Condors are vital for the well being of other life forms. Their trust in the creative force to provide for them is unshakeable. In various Latin American indigenous cultures, the vulture is symbolic of death and rebirth, a mother symbol which also represents purification.

Condors ride chaotic winds and easily master the Andes wild mountainous gusts. King vultures were also popular in the Mayan codices and are regularly drawn and mentioned just as frequently as the eagle would be in North America. Mayan astronomical calendars also make mention of a meeting period of the the North's Eagle with the South's majestic and mysterious Andean Condor.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Playing at the Park With Baba and Didi

Don't push so hard, baba! I'm supposed to be enjoying this!

One rung at at time Maya, one hand forward and then one rung at a time!

Baba goes up the slide with Maya on a beautiful sunny day at the park!

Baba safely catches Maya on the way down!

No driving until your at least 16 Maya and definitely no keys to daddy's car! We can already see the type of driver you'll be!

First put your feet into the yellow rocking horse stirrups, smile and quit checking out that other two year old boy!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Plaza De Luna, January 2009

Marital bliss regained or couple with sleeping baby!

This definitely beats cruising in those boats!

Four perspectives on three pigeons.

Prairie sailors and babies! Those floating docks look solid but what happens during those hurricanes again?

This has been the Spanish district for the past five hundred years, you have a Latino wife and you dont' even know the meaning of Calle Hermosa!

At least someone's taking advantage of the sunny weather. Who was supposed to be watching Evan again?

Can I drive those boats daddy! Plaza De Luna yacht launch.

Shallow pool high diving possibility or Ray and Maya and the giant fountain sprayer.

We are all sunburnt and tired so this Thai buffet better be good!

Wacky Animal Photos or a Zoo on the Gulf of Mexico

Only in Florida! The zebras are positively enthralled with the simulated Gulf of Mexico savannah. Click the picture for the larger view of background antelope herd and upper left passing lioness.

Sittin' on the dock of the bay or a philosophical gorilla reflecting on tricks of fate on the Gulf of Mexico. A fine mess you've gotten yourself into this time, Ollie! (Picture taken from Miniature train expedition ride!)

Uzwyshyns on the Gulf Coast, I presume? Daddy and Maya in yet another Tigrish misadventure!

Female Otter pausing a moment from a rigorous tourist diving routine.

Difficult to determine which baby is more nervous about this meeting. Maya Sophia, I'd like to introduce you to a baby Hedgehog.

Melissa and Maya in a more lighthearted but intimate mother and child bonding moment.

Hopping Kangaroo. Note parallel with previous Melissa photo.

Is truth stranger than fiction? Caged exotic giant-taloned Andean Condor (S. American) and my wife Melissa in the winter season!

Is my head far enough yet? Maya and her grandmother with blue fur baseball cap, red woolen Santa tuque and giant wooden racoon, respectively.

The University of West Florida, January 2009

Melissa and family smiles while the baby and Maya prepares for the upcoming moonwalk.

Believe or not, Melissa is the lab manager! Professor, please ready your lab notes at least five minutes before the lab begins!

Geometric Modernism or a family photo of daddy's workplace!

Three half latte frapuccinos and 500 children's books please!

Yes, Maya that freshman is cute but first start with daycare and then the university boys.

Impressionist Landscape or Family Portrait? UWF's mysterious nature trails in early January

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Nutcrackers and Holidays 2008, Happy 2009!

Maya modeling her new Spanish Ballerina dress with new Dora shoes while her mother engages the neighbors in a serious conversation!

True happiness or just a very good baby chimp impersonation. (Maya had gone the previous day to the Pensacola zoo!)

Still life with Maya, baba and baby palm trees. Pensacola 2009. Happy New Year!

Little girl with white dog and two bags in foreground with Picasso's background lovers weighing future repercussions!

Maya and her mother dolled up for the Nutcracker ballet.

Are you sure that kimono is appropriate for the childrens' matinee?

Evan Alexander awed by the overwhelming nature of his birth! It'll be alright Evan, baba will hold you at least for the next week!

Fire up the boosters Scotty, both babies appear ready for take-off!

Attention has never been reciprocated so well

Hail the conquering heroes! Baba in pole position with new blue fur racing cap and double barrel stroller (two babies included!)

Bellingrath Gardens with Baby Evan Alexander and Big Sister Maya Sophia

Baby Evan enjoying Bellingraths Holiday Lights!

The secret mysteries of two unicorns and a masonic citadel symbol will be revealed!
Everyone knows Maya likes to walk herself! Maya, Didi, daddy, mommy and Evan (unseen in babycart) at Belligrath.

The expression a toddler and her baba make after throwing a penny and knocking out a passing goldfish.

Can we throw her in the lake now or after the picture? Maya, Daddy and Mommy with Bonzai and toddler at Bellingrath!

Four perspectives on a giant man eating bright red gulfcoast fern!

Where's the party at again?