Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pensacola Princess now D.C. Darling

Yes, that is the Washington monument with our Blue Altima stage left. The Princess of Pensacola has officially made the move now to D.C. or close enough, Charles Town (George's Brother), West Virginia.

I wonder if daddy's going to have any fun in Washington. Those ducks on that frozen pond look pretty cold and what's that Washington monument all about anyways? Are we really leaving the beaches of Pensacola?

Evan and I check out our first frozen pond. As you can see, Ev, isn't overly happy about his new big red jacket even though that big white building in the background looks somewhat interesting.

Daddy with me in front of that big building again.

Mama, contemplating her new Washington scarfy blouse and Charles Town sweater. This will take some getting used to for the girl from the tropics.
Well, we're all in the North East now, far from Gulf Coast breezes and hurricanes (!) but I suppose that's the life of the Princess of Pensacola!